Sam Brownback To Endorse Giuliani?


Rudy Giuliani, Feeling PrettyThat’s the question posed in The Hill today. After Sam Brownback bowed out of the race for the Republican nomination last week, he stated three points very clearly.

  1. He will support the GOP nominee
  2. The nominee will be pro-life
  3. The nominee will not be Rudoph Giuliani

Well, that’s logical isn’t it? It reads like a geometry proof. Cutie Rudy is pro-abortion, so how could pro-life Republicans, especially one as dedicated to the sanctity of life as Senator Brownback possibly endorse a pro-abort RINO like Giuliani? Well, he can’t. Can he?

Yet The Hill claims that an endorsement is likely coming in the next few weeks. And it spends most of its time pushing the theory that Rudy’s the one and how much it will help catapult him to the nomination.

So is Sam Brownback going to sacrifice his core values and endorse a crossdressing RINO? I Don’t Think So. Read about it over at B4B and decide for yourself.

— Psycheout


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4 Responses to “Sam Brownback To Endorse Giuliani?”

  1. Bob Thomas Says:

    Wouldn’t a Brownback endorsement of Rudy just make you want to puke?

  2. Psycheout Says:

    Absolutely, Bob.

  3. 4America Says:

    I too was shocked at Brownback’s endorsement of Giuliani. But I believe that Brownback knows what he is doing to bump out Hillary. Hillary spells disaster. Why did Hillary come to NEw York? She knows that if she gets the New York votes she’s got a big foot hold on the Presidency. She knows it, Giuliani knows it, we all know it. Who knows Hillary better than those who live and work with her. Rudy has worked along side of her and New Yorkers have lived with her. Rudy is not my first choice, but when I think about it, as a New Yorker I have seen Rudy in action. He was a good Mayor and cleaned up New York (no easy task), he showed a great respect for Pro-lifers while working closely with Cardinal O’Connor of New York City (while he was still alive), and in the end he showed the ability to make the right decisions with his stellar performance during 911. Don’t think too lowly of the Mayor Drag Queen, Hillary thumbed her nose at Rudy because of her great jealousy of Rudy during 911. It’s in the pictures. Rudy is Hillary’s greatest enemy, she knows it and so does Brownback!

  4. Psycheout Says:

    Just to be clear, 4America, Senator Brownback actually ended up endorsing John McCain. Pat Robertson endorsed Giuliani. FYI. See A Tale of Two Endorsements for the details.

    Brownback made it clear that he would not endorse someone who was not pro-life. Giuliani, like Hilldog, is pro-abortion. McCain has his own problems but he does not support the murder of pre-born children in the womb.

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