Exclusive Interview with a Ron Paul Revolutionary


Ron PaulIn light of the recent uproar around the blogosphere about Red State’s clamping down on comments and postings by enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters, I have decided to take the time to sit down with one of them and find out what’s so attractive and exciting about the “Ron Paul Revolution.” A lot of people have been critical of these self-proclaimed patriots, perhaps unfairly. While I am not a supporter of Dr. Paul myself, it seems appropriate to discover what it’s all about and allow Paul supporters to make their views heard in a neutral setting.

So let’s begin.

Hello, and welcome to Blogs 4 Conservatives.

Vote Ron Paul 2008!

Nice to meet you too. Why should I consider voting for Ron Paul?

That’s simple. Because Dr. Paul is the only candidate who hasn’t been bought and sold by the corporations and fascists that run the country. He’s not a neocon warmonger like all the other fake conservatives on the Republican side. They’re a bunch of corporate shills.

What about the Democrat party candidates?

They’re even worse! They’re in bed with the Israel lobby, AIPAC and the rest of the Zionists. They all voted for the Iraq aggression and the Patriot Act and torture and over-reaching police state surveillance powers. They were writing that Patriot Act abomination back during the Clinton Administration. They were ready to spring it on us right after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Is terrorism a threat to the United States and its interests?

Not at all! That’s just a bunch of hype. The people of the Middle East have been subjected to U.S. imperialism for decades. It’s no wonder they hate us. They want us out of their region. If we get the hell out of there and leave them alone they’ll leave us alone. Leave them alone. It’s that simple. They’ve been under the heel of western oppression and occupation for like ever. Before we started meddling in their countries, they were a peaceful people just like us. No foreign entanglements. That’s what the Founders intended.

But they did attack us on 9/11. Remember that?

Wow, you’ve really bought the propaganda hook line and sinker.

Excuse me? Remember those planes —

Reichstag fire.

That was in Germany in the 1930s wasn’t it?

The Germans did it and blamed it on a patsy. Then they instituted their own Patriot Act. Problem, reaction, solution. It works every time.

The Germans attacked the World Trade Center?

The shepherd has brainwashed the sheeple. They really catapulted the propaganda on you. Just like Goebbels said.

He was German too, wasn’t he? That’s still the 1930s. Let’s get back to 9/11. In 2001. We were attacked by the terrorists, right? So you think if we just pull out they’ll leave us alone and sing kumbaya?




What’s that? Pancakes?

M-I-H-O-P. Made it happen on purpose, as opposed to LIHOP.


Let it happen on purpose.

Who? The Nazis?

No, dummy. The Zionists. The necons. The Bush Administration. It was an inside job. Don’t you read the Internet? 911 Truth? 19 beardos with boxcutters didn’t do it. They were Mossad. Israel wanted us to take out Saddam. We always do what our Zionist masters tell us to do. They set the policy and the government carries it out without question. Ever read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

That was a fraud written by the Russian government or something wasn’t it? Something about Jews and Freemasons or something. It’s a racist screed as I recall.

It doesn’t matter who wrote it. It’s a blueprint for dismantling America and bringing about a One World Government, a New World Order. It’s happening right in front of your eyes. NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO, Codex, the EU, the North American Union, the NAFTA super highway, HAARP, COINTELPRO, RFID, national id cards, chemtrails, MKULTRA….

So it wasn’t terrorists then? You actually believe that?

Do you believe everything you see on Faux News? Murdoch is a globalist, just like Ted Turner, Amy Goodman, Bill Gates, Richard Mellon-Scaife and the rest of the power elite. GE owns NBC. Westinghouse owns CBS. The military industrial complex owns the media. All of it. They feed the sheeple a steady diet of lies and misinformation to keep them scared of boogey men that don’t exist and pacified so they’ll stay asleep. It’s to keep the war machine running so the Bushes and the Clintons and the international bankers can get rich on our blood and treasure.

Leaving that aside…

See, you’re afraid. Why is that? You know I’m right. All the candidates on both sides are funded by the same fatcats. They’re just playing us off each other. They’re all CFR members. They all hang out in Bohemian Grove together, get drunk and high and run around naked. They have gay sex orgies there and they worship a big owl named Moloch. It’s a pagan god! They do these weird rituals in robes with creepy chants and a human sacrifice. The cremation of Care.

That’s pretty far out.

Alex Jones caught it all on video! Bet you didn’t know about that. Both parties are wings of the same party, the property party. They’re exactly the same: the socialists and the warmongers. Just about everyone in Washington has sold out to the corporations and AIPAC. Everyone except Ron Paul.


Except Ron Paul. He’s the greatest political candidate, the greatest politician ever in 2,000 years of our nation’s history. He’s the only one who wants to protect the American Constitution. George W. Bush called it a “G.D. piece of paper,” but Ron Paul wants to defend it. He wants to follow it. He should. He helped write it.

If Ron Paul is the only one who hasn’t sold out, as you claim, how can he possibly solve anything as President?

Ron Paul will bring all our troops home, get them the hell out of all those foriegn countries all around the world. He’ll get rid of the IRS, the Fed, the NEA, Social Security, the SEC, the DEA, the CIA, all that fascistic socialist and communist stuff. He’ll sweep it all away.


What a stupid question. Are you a retard? Ron Paul’s been getting things done for more than thirty years. He’s been consistent on the issues. He’s a real conservative. The last hope of the Republican party. The last hope for America. He’s the only real conservative in D.C. today. The rest are a bunch of fascist whores.

As far as basically dismantling government, I don’t think even most Republicans are that extreme. Isn’t that a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water?

No, he won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, you cryptofascist. That’s really stupid. Don’t you know anything? Dr. Paul has delivered over 40,000 babies and didn’t drop a single one. He’s pro-life. He’ll overturn Roe v. Wade and give power back to the states to let them decide. That’s what liberty and freedom is all about. Freedom of choice.

I think that’s an admirable goal. But a lot of pro-abortion activists, especially women, won’t be too happy about that.

As an OBGYN Dr. Paul knows more about uteruses than most women do. He believes in returning the power to the states. States rights. If you’re pro-life, you handle it at the state level, and if you want to snack on fetuses or whatever you can just move to Vermont. It’s win-win.


And he’s all about freedom and liberty. He’ll end this failed war on drugs once and for all. Prohibition doesn’t work. Remember the 1920s? Ron Paul supports my fundamental inalienable Constitutional right to get really stoned and have all the whores I want. It’s my money, after all. And when he gets rid of the military industrial corporofascist complex, I’ll have money for even more whores. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s what the Founding Fathers intended.

And as commander-in-chief Ron Paul will not trade essential blood for oil. Those who do deserve neither. Leave Zion to the Zionists. The neocon policies of Bush/Cheney are a total disaster. Torture and murder and the police state. All of it. Dr. Paul’s the only one who can turn things around and end this imperialist war of occupation. He’s the only anti-war candidate.

He voted against the war, against the aggression. America wants Ron Paul. America needs Ron Paul. No more blood for oil and corporate profits! Americans are sick of it. They want the neocons kicked the hell out of Washington. And they want it now.

That’s a pretty strong statement. But at the moment the published polls don’t look that great for Paul. Why is that?

The polls are all rigged, obviously. He wins every online poll and phone in poll but the media refuses to report it. He won the last debate. He got more votes than everybody else combined. Did you hear about it on Fox News? Of course not. They don’t want the sheeple to know the truth, because they’ll rise up and overthrow their corporate masters. They’ll break that chain that keeps them in the matrix.

Well I’m not so sure that he’d do that great in a general election.

That’s just a bunch of bunk. Ron Paul’s support is at the grass roots. He’s attracting a lot of attention from people who wouldn’t normally bother voting. I’m a prime example. I’ve never voted before, it just wasn’t worth it. But ever since Dr. Paul declared his candidacy I’ve voted thousands of times. And that’s on just one online poll. I think I’m really getting the hang of this voting thing. I’ll be ready in November.

How much support do you think Paul has relative to the other candidates?

Right now, I’d have to say he’s bigger than Jesus.

Oh really?

It’s O’Reilly.


My name.

In a lot of ways, you sound like a leftist. All that anti-war and conspiracy stuff and BDS ranting. Are you a liberal?

What do you mean by liberal? I’ve always been a Republican. I’ve been Republican all my life, ever since I could figure out what was going on. Why are you trying to smear me? Are you some kind of corporate main stream media hack?

Well, what did you think of Reagan?


Never mind. It’s not that important. Do you have any final words?

Ron Paul is the strongest supporter of individual liberty and civil rights of all the candidates D or R. He may have strong personal views that you don’t agree with, but he would not and never has advocated forcing his personal views on anyone else. I agree completely with Dr. Paul. He walks tall and carries a big stick — it’s called the Constitution.

It’s all about freedom of thought and ideas. And if you don’t vote for him you’re just one of the sheeple being herded to slaughter by the One World Government. An Illuminati stooge. A slave to Zion. An inmate of the prison planet. Think outside the cage. Vote Ron Paul 2008!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with B4C.

— Psycheout


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5 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with a Ron Paul Revolutionary”

  1. Bob_Corker Says:

    I thought Viacom owned CBS.

    But whatever. The Chalcedon supports Ron Paul, which was how I was drawn to him. But considering how idiotic his supporters often are unless in John Birch / Christian Reconstruction, I may not like him so much…

  2. Stormfront Founder Enthusiastic about Ron Paul « Blogs 4 Conservatives Says:

    […] This really goes to show that Ron Paul is the candidate for discriminating voters. Too bad we didn’t get to ask about this in yesterday’s interview. […]

  3. charlie Says:

    Painfully unfunny.

  4. Palavras Says:

    Yes, what charlie said. It’s very obvious that these responses were pulled right out of thin air. Either that, or they came from a 16-year-old boy.

  5. Spacebrother Says:

    Thats my suspicion as well Palavras. The information about Ron Paul in this blog and the others these people run is completely erronious hog wash. Don’t believe a word from Bob (really Psycheout) Corker or any of the other idiots here.

    I suspect that either he’s a 16 year old little boy or 47 year old man who still lives with his mommy.

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