B4B And Bill O’Reilly Under Attack


Think RegressSister site B4B has been under attack recently by the fascist left-wing smear merchants over at Think Progress for a couple of days now over the J.K. Rowling Bares All article, and the unhinged secular progressive echo chamber is piling on. Typical herd mentality.

The furor is over the simple fact that some conservatives have dared to point out that the Dumbledore revelation is part of a concerted effort by unhinged leftist activists to push the homosexual agenda on our children and down parents’ throats. In other words, the truth.
Naturally this is intolerable to the militant gay mafia, so the moonbat hoards, led by smear site Think Progress, have launched scathing attacks on B4B and other pro-family critics who have chosen to speak out. But now they have also decided to attack outspoken journalist and culture warrior Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor. Big mistake.

Read more about this ongoing story here.

And be sure to stand up for freedom of thought against the agenda pushers! Families have rights too.

— Psycheout


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