Stormfront Hearts Ron Paul


Stormfront Logo FullosseousFlap has noticed something that I pointed out a couple of months ago. Stormfront, the infamous “white power” site, just loves Ron Paul.

Why does Congressman Ron Paul have campaign ads on a White Nationalist Neo-Nazi Bulletin Board ( which is listed as a hate site?

Good question. They hate neocons (code word for the “global Zionist menace”) and Jews in general. Keep in mind that whenever someone says “neocon,” they really mean “dirty Jew.”

Ron Paul Stormfront AdYou’ll find ads for Ron Paul on the aforementioned hate site, pictured at right (click the image for a larger view). Is the Ron Paul campaign or its surrogates buying ad space on Stormfront? It certainly will be good for fundraising, but is it good for his already tainted public image?

From the Ron Paul supporters I have encountered, a fervent and annoying group of crazies, this probably won’t affect how they view Ron Paul; he is their savior who will fight the neocon Jew menace, cut and run from Iraq and defund the Federal government. Calls to abolish the Federal Reserve and retreat into isolationism and to surrender the War on Terror to the Islamofascists receive unquestioning and loud and extended cheers from his adoring fans. The Borg is alive and well.

They, like their brothers in arms, the Stormfronters, are ideological purists. The quintessential true believers. Ron Paul could eat a live kitten on television and they would cheer his name. Wackjobs, nutters and truthers.

Flap lays out a challenge for Doctor Paul:

All of the GOP candidates should DEMAND that Paul REPUDIATES this site, pulls his ad and returns any money contributed by these Neo-Nazis.

And, Flap has a question for Ron Paul: Are you an anti-Semite, sir?

Paul certainly speaks their language. Is he pandering or is he one of them? The answer is clearly yes and yes.

Stormfront is behind the Ron Paul Revolution. David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, is a fan and has endorsed Ron Paul. Are you willing to stand with them? If so, you stand alone. Stand over there.

Hat Tip: Hot Air.

Update: Over at Red State, Mark Kilmer points out that Ron Paul does not belong in the race for the GOP nomination and Leon Wolf wisely slams the door on Paulunatics noting that life is not fair.

Update 2: The Lone Star Times has asked the Ron Paul campaign some good questions. The response thus far? Crickets.

But I do, however, think it is perfectly reasonable to ask him to speak out officially and demand the Nazis and all other racist groups remove these links, and insist unambiguously that he doesn’t want the support, either financial or in the form of votes, of any white supremacist.

Do the right (or is that white) thing, Doctor No. Stormfront, Vanguard and White World News readers aren’t your base, are they?

Exit Question: Does Ron Paul listen to Prussian Blue?

Sully PoohUpdate 3: Sully Pooh, the consummate concern troll, cleverly pretends not to understand Red State’s no Paultard policy.  After quoting Leon Wolf, Andy winks coyly and asks:

Frightened much?

More like sick of Paultard spam.  Of course Sully’s was a rhetorical question.  He doesn’t allow comments from anybody, not even those poor oppressed Ronulans.  What’s the matter, Mr. Sullivan?  Are you chicken, much?

— Psycheout


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33 Responses to “Stormfront Hearts Ron Paul”

  1. disinter Says:

    What kind of an idiot votes for a candidate based on what his supporters do?


  2. parallelsidewalk Says:

    When I say neocon, I usually am referring to a movement dominated by evangelicals who aren’t too crazy about Jews and won’t be letting them into the country club anytime soon. But, um, see what you want to see.

  3. nicolen Says:

    You’re surprised??? This is pretty funny. First of all, in America, people can endorse whoever they choose. I find Ron Paul and Stormfront reprehensible – but why are you surprised? Ron Paul is, after all, a racist who shares many of the same views as those on Stormfront. Also, Vanguard News Network, whose motto is “No Jews – Just Right” also endorses Paul.

    Paul has been made aware of this and gives it nothing more than a shoulder shrug. Actually, their endorsements may be a good thing since it equates to the kiss of death for any candidate.

    [Ed Note: His silence says it all.]

  4. nicolen Says:

    His silence speaks volumes. And…the racists from Stormfront and other similar forums are cavorting all over cyber-space, spamming and disrupting. He’s the first thing they have had to crow about since David Duke ran.

    The one’s over on VNN even had a discussion about having Ron Paul T-shirts made up bearing the VNN logo. And…Paul remains silent. To my mind, silence = acceptance.

  5. Mark Says:

    It’s a widget, Einstein, not an ad. Anyone can copy it and plug it into their site.

  6. Rich Paul Says:

    If candidates were required to repudiate all the crazies who support them (democrats insult socialists, republicans insult evangelicals, greens insult … uhh … greens), there would be nobody left from whom they could take contributions. This might not be all bad, since sane people, who want nothing to do with politics, would be supporting the Libertarians, so politics would leave them alone, too.

  7. liberal4ronpaul Says:

    His silence says nothing. What are you–psychic? Ron Paul isn’t going to let himself get sucked into such self-defensive distractions. If you want to know what Ron Paul is about, then look at his voting record and hear what HE has to say. People who naysay him have an agenda to keep power out of the hands of WE the PEOPLE–the citizens of the United States. He voted against the Iraq war BOTH times, against the so-called “patriot” act. There’s just as much hate on this website as there is on Stormfront, so who cares what groups or individuals support whatever candidate, whether it’s former Louisana State Representative David Duke or if it’s pro-torture zionist supremacist anti-American/Israel-first Alan Dershowitz (there’s a “civil rights” atty who should be disbarred). The bottom line is whether that candidate will support We the People–period. Just because people are on Stormfront doesn’t mean they can’t vote for who they want–and maybe happen to be right.

  8. Psycheout Says:

    Interesting. Leon Wolf over at Red State was right when he observed that many of Paulites are “a bunch of liberals pretending to be Republicans.” At least you come out and admit that you’re a loony leftist for Paul. Kudos for that.

    Mark Kilmer also got it right when he said the following:

    It’s the surrender bit, completely incompatible with what I had thought of Ron Paul; it is, however, a good way to drag confused Code Pinkers and pseudo-libertarians into the cash-donating aisle with the Red Light special. Is it a con? Who the heck knows, but Ron Paul come up with a small following from the anti-war crowd, folks blathering about concepts of liberty and governance which they obviously do not choose to understand understand.

    If you’re a liberal, just about the only part that should appeal to you is the anti-war isolationism schtick. Ron Paul will also attempt to dismantle the Federal Government, including all those socialist programs that leftists seem to love. Bye bye Social Security, IRS, The Fed, Medicare and just about anything else that isn’t defense and law enforcement related.

    If you’re for all that, you’re not actually a liberal, merely a confused anti-war idealist with stars in his eyes for Ron Paul because he wants to cut and run, just like all naive little leftists. But whatever, I suppose it’s just about as wacky as supporting Dennis Kook-spinach. At least with Paul, you’ve got the Stormfronters and skinheads at your back. They’d be useful in a streetfight. Although, if you’re not very white and nationalist enough, they just might turn on you. Good luck.

  9. Cicily Says:

    Two points:

    Dr. Paul has mentioned Walter E. Williams as a possible running mate. Williams is a black conservative economist. Why on earth would a real racist talk about having a black Vice-President.

    Also, a few weeks ago I was reading a website or blog owned by Black Nationalists or Black Separatists, and they were drumming up support and donations for Barack Obama. Would anyone suggest that Obama speak out against those racist supporters, or demand that he return all monies collected from them?

    This is America. As long as you are not breaking the law in doing so, you are allowed to donate to the candidate of your choice, no matter what your beliefs are. That goes for all of us.

    It’s a bit ironic that people are going on and on about White Nationalists and Nazis, and then trying to decide what American citizens can and cannot do with their own money. Makes you wonder who the real fascists are.

  10. spacebrother Says:

    Ron Paul is has and will never be endorsed by Stormfront. This is an obvious ploy from the Nazi wing of the conservative Republican party who props up Bush as the second coming of Jesus to discredit a pro-peace candidate.

    Repeat……Stormfront is only trying to discredit Ron Paul by attaching his name to their hate group. Don’t believe the neo-con-fascio-ultra right wing koolade Conservative Republicans.

    Don’t believe a single word Word Press propagates. It’s not remotely close to the truth.

    [Ed Note: You are a conspiracy nut. Have you actually read any of the Ron Paul threads at Stormfront? I have. Are all those enthusiastic Paulies just pretending they’re for the truther candidate because they want him to lose? Did Bush blow up the WTC? Is he a reptilian shapeshifter? Have you ridden on a UFO? Seriously, get a grip.]

  11. Patrick Says:

    Thank you, liberal4ronpaul, for your voice of reason.

    Neocons are the ones who are just naive and plain stupid. I can’t understand how you can be for this war that simply unwinnable. How would you like it if another country invaded us? And where are we going to get all this money to pay for the war? Print money? (oops…we’re already doing that…no wonder the dollar is so weak!).

    Anyway, the “war” will never be won because they have what we will never have, and that is numbers. There are millions who are volunteering to fight the Americans who are occupying thier land.

    If you are so for the war, why don’t you go fight it, Psycheout? I hope you get blown up by an IED. Serves you right, dumbass!

  12. spacebrother Says:

    “They hate neocons (code word for the “global Zionist menace”) and Jews in general. Keep in mind that whenever someone says “neocon,” they really mean “dirty Jew.”

    It’s funny that you morons make this statement because the phrase “neo-cons” is a phrase that has the same meaning as Islamo Fascist, Christo Fasist, Nazi, white supremacist or any other outer fringe Conservative group. You people are really ignorant to think your anti-Ron Paul smears are fooling intellectual minded people.

    Neo-con has nothing to do with Jewish people.

  13. FoilHead Says:

    Thats a widget, not an ad. Funny how for somebody who polls so low nationally and has no chance to win can get so many neo-cons (although global Zionist menace does have a nice ring) so riled up. Take a deep breath brother. I can feel the jealously oozing out of your keyboard. It’s just a presidential election, no worry you will get your Hillary or Rudy, they will bomb Iran, pass the debt of the war onto our children, and you will be able to sleep comfortably knowing that no scary Arabs are going to be storming the beaches of the United States anytime soon. If I become as scared of third world countries as conservatives, please just take me to your re-education camp first and put me out of my misery.

  14. Laffs@muckmongerers Says:

    This is so totally distorted and full of errors, how could anybody take it serious?

    Conservatives against the constitution, otherwise know as neocons, have nothing to do with jews. They sell out their true conservative roots of small government, and non interventionism. Which is NOT isolationism as they try to distort it into.

  15. Spacebrother Says:

    [Ed Note: You are a conspiracy nut. Have you actually read any of the Ron Paul threads at Stormfront? I have. Are all those enthusiastic Paulies just pretending they’re for the truther candidate because they want him to lose? Did Bush blow up the WTC? Is he a reptilian shapeshifter? Have you ridden on a UFO? Seriously, get a grip.]

    This hate rhetoric only continues to prove my point. Thats OK though, where would the sheepherders be without the sheep. The outer fringe wing of the conservative movement is only trying to highjack Democracy.

    And no, I won’t visit your favorite sight Stormfront. It’s a mecca for wackos who push lies to sabatoge campaigns for people like Ron Paul who support peace, equality and justice. I’m sure Brownback/Huckabee supporters keep their white capes and hoods dry cleaned for some good ol’ boy style lynchings though afterall, those are the real Stormfronters.

  16. Hal Turner Says:

    You resorting to name-calling so early and often shows you’ve lost the argument. Ron Paul is right on the issues so you’re left with name-calling.

    As for we pro-Whites supporting Ron Paul, it is our effort to restore the Constitution is a peaceful, lawful manner. If I had my druthers, I’d have my skinheads walk up to every County GOP Chairman in the country and crack his skull open with a baseball bat to straighten the Party out. But why rush? There’s always time for that; and that is exactly where this country is headed if the neocons keep up their bullshit.

    (Yes, that’s a threat, so go call the FBI and the cops and watch as they prove totally helpless to do anything about what I just said.)

    Hal Turner
    1906 Paterson Plank Road
    North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

  17. nicolen Says:

    Now that’s a Ron Paul supporter if I ever saw one! Step right up ladies and gentlemen and say hello to the racist shock-jock, Hal Turner. Mr. Turner also advocates the assassination of United States Congressmen and Federal judges.

    Ron Paul has always been supported by extremists and conspiracy theorists – and that hasn’t changed. With the introduction of Hal Turner into this discussion, you can now see just how extreme Paul is.

  18. spacebrother Says:

    It’s strange how this is the only source that attempts to link Ron Paul with that group. It’s also odd that the MSM, FOXNEWS, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Malkin, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, other Republican candidates or anybody else has jumped on this piece of information.

    This blog IS THE ONLY place perpetuating this misinformation (lie).

    The outer fringe Moonbats of Conservative descent will stoop to any level to misinform any fool who’s willing to buy a lie.

    Looks like the koolade business will be booming around these parts.

  19. Bob_Corker Says:

    It’s the Negro/Spic culture, not the Negroes/Spics themselves. You white supremacists are so stupid, when in reality we should be “God’s Law” supremacists. Yes, whites obey it the best, and yes, the Bell Curve is currently a quality piece of work, but for those minorities that can embrace the True Bible, then they are A-ok. Stormfront, you should castrate yourself.

  20. Psycheout Says:

    Try doing a websearch, sb. You’ll get a lot of search results for RP & Stormfront.

  21. spacebrother Says:

    I did and this is the only place that mentions it. Nice try though. I’m sure you fooled about 6 people.

  22. spacebrother Says:

    Oh, and Bob Corker likely is Psychout and/or Sisyphus with a different screen name. Nice try chumps. You “almost” had me fooled…….NOT.

  23. Psycheout Says:

    You suffer from paranoid delusions. And don’t turn around, I think someone might be following you. Muhahahahahaha!

  24. Spacebrother Says:

    It exposes you as a phoney Psycheout. You’re probably just a 17 year old kid who lives with his mom (or 37 year old adult who STILL lives his momma).

    Ron Paul has no ties to Stormfront folks. These clowns are making it all up.

  25. LeRoy Clinton Says:

    “Bigotry at its essence is a sin of the heart…”

    “Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism…”

    “The true antidote to racism is liberty.”

    The good doctor hasn’t been “silent” on the topic of racism; YOU haven’t been listening.

  26. BourgeoisRevolutionary Says:

    Psycheout, you are pathetic and your blog sucks. I mean Blogs 4 Conservatives? Why do you libel the most conservative candidate the GOP has to offer? Keeping Conservatism Alive in the 21st Century and Beyond? No, your fellow neoconservatives are KILLING conservatism. Whatever happened to small government, free markets, non-interventionism, loyalty to the Constitution? The new GOP is all about big government, imperialism, corporatism, and reactionary statism. The fact that you deny a neocon movement exists proves you are an ignoramus.

    “They hate neocons (code word for the “global Zionist menace”) and Jews in general. Keep in mind that whenever someone says “neocon,” they really mean “dirty Jew.”…”

    Actually, if you weren’t a complete retard, you could find plenty of Republican leaders who claim to ascribe to neoconservatism. Are these self-declared neoconservatives all self-hating Jews? By that statement they are.

    But instead of libeling Ron Paul why don’t you promote any candidates? And spacebrother is probably on to something, as it is possible that Stormfront, Vanguard News Record, and/or other white supremacist groups know that they are detested by the general public so they try to discredit Ron Paul by feigning support for him so ignorant people confuse what RP is about. That doesn’t mean that every single poster who supports Ron Paul at Stormfront is “in on it” or that they are not confused about Ron Paul. The fact is Dr. Paul is NO RACIST and further from fascism than any other GOP candidate BY FAR! The fact that Nazis support Ron Paul out of all candidates is ironic. You certainly would be unable to prove that Stormfront is NOT pretending to support Ron Paul to fool people into thinking he is pro-Nazi or a white nationalist. But because your underdeveloped brain is incapable of rational argument, you apply the “conspiracy theorist” smear to spacebrother. But never mind all, this. Just answer a question.

    Who the hell do you support? Dunkkkan Hunter? Tom Tankkkredo? Why are so many people who call Ron Paul a fascist (ironic considering that Ron Paul is borderline libertarian and libertarianism is as far from fascism as you can get), accuse him of racism, or associate him with the white power movement supporters of Hunter or Tancredo, 2 of the most fanatical ultra-right lunatics in the GOP? In fact every accusation from someone on the right calling Ron Paul a fascist or racist comes from a supporter of Hunter or Tancredo in my experience, and nothing could be more ironic! (As an exception the only other people who call Paul racist/fascist are ultra-left wingnuts, usually communists.) Whenever a Dunkkkan Hunter or Tom Tankkkredo fanboy calls Ron Paul a Nazi it is almost a case of pot-calling-the-kettle-black, except for it to qualify, those accusations of fascism and racism would need merit. At least when Lyndon LaRouche (the pot) calls people such as William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Leo Strauss, George Bush, etc. (the kettle) fascists (black), he is absolutely correct, though that does not make him any less of a fascist (and like Strauss, the father of neoconservatism, LaRouche is a fan of that famed reactionary Plato, the Father of Fascism). But when you idiots call Ron Paul a “Nazi” you are engaging in the “I know you are but what am I?” diversion.

    Fact is, Ron Paul is the opposite of a Nazi. Unfortunately the same can not be said about Hunter, Tancredo, or their moronic followers. The reason why such folk engage in this tactic is to disguise the fact that Cunter and Tancrudo are the real fascists! And their platforms have NO MERITS whatsoever. They’re both racist one-trick-ponies. Dunkkkan Hunter runs on a platform of “Nuke the Ay-rabs” and Tom Tancredo’s whole agenda is Mexican gulag. So Cunter fans and Tancrapo fans say “I know you are but what am I?” to Ron Paul.

    But fortunately, the average human can see through the BS! Only the retarded are duped. Congratulations on having one idiot supporter. Nicolen, you are one dumb biyotch! Psycheout, why don’t you get to know John Hawkins, that fat inbred blogger of RightWingNews (ReichWingNews) fame? Also, if anybody is a Nazi, white nationalist, racist, white supremacist, or Fascist, it is Psycheout. For one thing you spend an awful lot of time at Stormfront, by your own admission, as you claim to have found many Ron Paul threads at Stormfront and to have read them, unless of course you made that all up, making you an even bigger liar. Also, your profile pic looks an awful lot like a flaming cross. Not saying it is intentional, but that is the graphical version of what is called a Freudian slip. You are trying to tell us something subconsciously. So sig heil to Hunter and Tancredo, but neither of those clowns have a chance!

    spacebrother says: “It’s strange how this is the only source that attempts to link Ron Paul with that group. It’s also odd that the MSM, FOXNEWS, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Malkin, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, other Republican candidates or anybody else has jumped on this piece of information.”

    Surprised you forgot to mention Ann Coulter. But even the lowest of the pundits know that nobody would buy this nonsense! But this pitiful blog is not the only source that associates Ron Paul with stormfront. I have heard this claim a few times elsewhere but always from supporters of Duncan Cunter or Tancrudo. That is there ONLY tactic. The only other people to even suggest that Ron Paul is a racist, fascist, or anti-Semite are communists but they admit that it is their suspicion, they don’t spend hours searching for “evidence” on Stormfront.

    [Ed Note: Bad day, huh? Baby want a bottle?]

  27. BourgeoisRevolutionary Says:

    Hahaha! Aren’t you hilarious? How did you get so clever?

    Seriously…I figured it out. You aren’t a serious blogger at all. You don’t even pretend to be a serious blogger. You are nothing but an angry little loser who gets a thrill off of making people as angry as he is! Hence your lack of any real information content whatsoever! Just nonsensical rants.

    And I bet adding editor’s notes makes you feel big and cool! You probably didn’t even read that post. Ooh, it’s MY blog, so I can edit posts. Simply replying doesn’t give you the same power trip? Enjoy being a total troll. Seriously though, you can use some psychiatric help!

    P.S. No bottle for me. My mouth is full with your mom’s pussy! But I’m going to need some mouthwash…

  28. Spacebrother Says:

    Thanks BourgeoisRevolutionary! You said it better than I could. These idiots have even stooped as low to alter posts of mine. Talk about authoritarian media manipulation, censorship and revisionism. These chumps hate the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the United States of America.

  29. Spacebrother Says:

    TanKKKredo, DunKKKan Hunter, BrownbacKKK, George WalKKKer Bush, HucKKKabee……..Pretty much sums them all up.

  30. Ron Paul Spam Tastes Icky « Blogs 4 Conservatives Says:

    […] They have no scruples whatsoever. They even deny the reality that “white power” website Stormfront is 100% behind the Truther candidate. When lab researchers examined the IP addresses of the […]

  31. mordechai Says:

    I’m not surprised this fool is calling Paul a Nazi. After all, neocons love to call whichever demon of the week they want to steal from a Nazi. Saddam was a Nazi. Al Qaeda, they’re Nazis. North Korea=Nazis.

    Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t make them a Nazi. Just because someone is wrong doesn’t make them a Nazi. And support from Nazis doesn’t make you a Nazi.

    The only reason Paul has proven popular amongst Stormfront is because he’s right. Even a group of evil racist retards can see that.

    Why it is you are carrying water for a group of internationalist traitors who wish to bankrupt our nation and beggar you and your children in perpetuity, I don’t know. But you really ought to ask yourself why. Why are you supporting a group of fools who use the smoke and mirrors of nationalism when they will sell the force of government to whatever corporate buyer has the most money?

    Wake up, dude. This is alot deeper than a couple of fools at Stormfront. This is about the future. And our future is gonna be bleak if we don’t change our financial situation.

    (This from a Jew who supports Paul)

  32. Henry Bowman Says:

    Ron Paul’s website has a pretty definitive statement on racism. What sort of repudiation will satisfy you, simultaneous prime-time network infomercials?

  33. Just How Delusional Are the Paultards? « Blogs 4 Brownback Says:

    […] personality whatsoever.  What’s funny about asking Paultards to support Alan Keyes is that Stormfront is behind Paul all the way.  I can’t see them supporting Keyes however.  Just like the moonbats on the left, Paul […]

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