Mittens Is Not Reagan


Ronald Reagan Is AngryMitt Romney wants Republicans think that he’s the new incarnation of Ronald Wilson Reagan, perhaps the best President of the 20th Century. So he invokes the name of the late President as often as he can, hoping to fool the voters. The latest of many such invocations is pathetic, to say the least.

Tommy Oliver over at Race 4 2008 points to Romney’s latest laughable attempt at donning a Reagan mask. It’s pathetic.

Governor Romney Proposes “Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom”

Uh, huh. Tommy cries, “good grief.” And for good reason.

A plan called “The Reagan Zone?” Mitt, you are probably the most qualified to comment on this, so why do you have to do it by giving it a gimmicky Reagan title that makes me want to go watch the “I was an independent during Reagan/Bush” youtube spot again and again.

Hmmm. Let’s take a look. Pay particular attention to the relevant portion starting after the 2:30 mark.

Here’s Romney’s words:

Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan/Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan/Bush.

So why do you keep using Ronald Reagan’s name every chance you get then? Who are you trying to fool, Mittens? Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. Don’t let him trick you into believing something he is not.

Flashback: Mitt Romney: Conservative Like a Fox.

Reagan Masks

— Psycheout


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