Ice Cubed


Ice CubeAn insightful emailer sent the following. The logic is impeccable.

What if all of the ice floating in the arctic melted?

I will give you a clue:

Put an ice cube in a glass.

Fill to the very brim with water.


The water level will drop.

Food, or water, for thought. Argue that, treefrogs.

— Psycheout


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7 Responses to “Ice Cubed”

  1. Treefrog Says:

    Now fill a glass with water, all the way to the top. Set a small plate on the lip of the glass (like the land next to the ocean, see?) and put an ice cube on it. Let the ice melt into the glass. What happens to the level in the glass? Why it goes up and the glass overflows!

    Chew on that, stupid.

  2. Xenos Says:

    Arctic ice can melt without raising sea levels an inch. It will just disrupt the major ocean currents, and could, for example, give the UK the climate of Labrador.

    As for all the ice on Greenland and Antarctica, melt those and you will measure sea level rises in the tens of meters. Part of the reason I will never buy a house at less than 500 feet above sea level.

  3. parallelsidewalk Says:

    I was going to point out that very flaw, but Treefrog beat me to it.

    But seriously, repeating arguments that were refuted when Rush Limbaugh put them on his show, ten years ago? Cutting edge! No wonder you’re under “hot posts” on the wordpress keyboard.

  4. Scavenger Says:

    Global warming is the biggest con job of the century. The boneheads want us to believe that all Antarctica is just melting ice falling into the ocean and raising sea levels.
    That is like like looking at a California beach and telling the world this is what the whole of North America is like. People are so dumbed down by an even dumber media it isnt even funny.
    And as for Treefrogs comment, it just goes to show you how the green morons will defend thier dogmatic baloney even if the evidence is contrary. Antarctica is cooling, not warming.

  5. Psycheout Says:

    Don’t forget about global dimming and global cooling! I blame the cow flatulence.

  6. oceallaigh Says:

    Hot posts indeed. In Science, no less. Arrgh.

    I’m tired of the ideologies, on all sides. The science of the matter – the true science, the science that doesn’t get into the political or blogospheric arguments because its practitioners know (a) you cannot prove anything true unless it’s math (b) the planet’s too complex for simple answers – says:

    1. The planet is growing warmer.

    2. Planetary warming cannot be explained without factoring in the six gigatons per annum that humans are pouring into the atmosphere via fossil fuel burning.

    3. Planetary warming will have consequences.

    4. Predicting what those consequences will be is a set of problems that, as the math and physics wonks are fond of saying, are “not trivial”.

    For instance, the melting of the Greenland ice cap may cause flooding in coastal Norway. Or it may cause sea level to rise not at all. The land mass of Norway, no longer having to bear the weight of its glaciers, may well rise itself as fast as the sea bounding it. We don’t have the data, the tools, or the people to integrate all these local effects into a reliable global picture of the planet X number of years hence. Which is why, in the course of trying to develop these data and tools, scientist publish various sorts of predictions, which then get tested – and dragged into the media, where they’re misinterpreted to suit the purposes of whatever pundit has happened upon them.

    It is my wish that everybody would put their positions aside and strive to understand their world better – whatever challenges it may raise to their preferred Good Book.

    I fear, however, that Paul Simon had it right.

    A man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.

  7. Sock Puppet of the Great Satan Says:

    “Put an ice cube in a glass.

    Fill to the very brim with water.


    The water level will drop.”

    Yup, because the temperature of the water dropped (because of the latent heat of fusion of the ice as is melts). Thermal coefficient of expansion.

    Now, what happens when the temperature of the sea rises?

    Jeez, this is elementary school physics.

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