Goths: Self-indulgent Crybabies


Evil Goth TeenHave you ever seen those pathetic devil children who dress all in black, mope around like every day is a funeral, listen to G-d awful depressing music and write some the stupidest shallowest “poetry” in the known universe? Well those are “Goth” kids. They’re like the hippies of yesteryear, self-indulgent crybabies, reviled by society, reviled even by themselves. If your child displays any of the described tendencies you have a serious problem on your hands. Do not spoil the rod, even though your child may be lost already. Prayer and discipline is what you need to cure the goth disorder. Read on, concerned parents.

What Is Goth?

A website that specializes in exposing the goth menace puts it this way:

“The greatest threat to today’s society is the rise of the gothic subculture. Goth is a sinister and violent subculture obsessed with Satanism, Wicca, Vampirism, BDSM, rape, child abuse, Hitler, bondage, sick sexual perversions, serial killers, death, drugs, self mutilation and other sick practices to vile to mention. Goth’s are the Devil’s Children. In my opinion, Goths are more dangerous to children than pedophiles” – Rev. R.G. Green

Furthermore, there’s this:


What’s particularly funny about goths is that they think they’re somehow unique. Some kids become rockers, others preppies, others jocks and the dregs become goths. Although they are just another, albeit more destructive, clique, they seem to think they’re somehow non-conformists. Of course to become a goth, one has to dress just like the other goths, listen to the same music and write terrible poetry. Wow, how brave! How noble! What a bunch of sheep, black sheep, being led to Satan’s slaughter. I think the correct word is “pathetic.”

Roots of Goth

Joy DivisionOne of the rock groups that inspired the “goth movement” (similar to a bowel movement) was the ironically named “Joy Division.” Named after the “joy divisions” in concentration camps, Jewish women used as sexual playthings by the Nazis, their “music” was anything but uplifting. It depressed its fans to the point that they began dressing in all black, thinking suicidal thoughts, crying about nothing and drinking human and animal blood for the fun of it.

The leader of this monstrosity must have recognized the impact he was having and found a solution: he promptly hung himself in his mother’s kitchen. Thanks, mom. But the damage was already done. Nearly 30 years later we’re still haunted by the legacy of Ian “Emo” Curtis.

Sisters of Mercy, Talentless HacksThe remaining members of the band picked themselves up and formed New World Order and abused their former fans with sugary dance pop. But the hunger for more and more depressing and talentless hacks was already embedded in the goth hive-mind. Now just about any moron can don a black cape, strum a guitar, pound on a keyboard and wail about the futility of life and the self-indulgent wrist-slashing “emos” come running, dressed for a funeral of their own pathetic souls.

Gene Simmons of KISSPerhaps the roots of goth go further back than the late seventies caterwaulings of Joy Division. KISS (Kids in Service for Satan) had been donning pale makeup and dressed in black years before. But unlike the heavy rock Satanism of KISS, Joy Division refined the bleak sound and depressing lyrics that inspired thoughts of suicide in all who dared listen. What a horrible legacy.

Another band that these societal misfits seem to like is Bauhaus, which is not an art movement, but an exercise in mediocrity. None of them knew how to play their instruments when they started and still had not learned a thing by the time they split up, hopefully for good.

Robert Smith of The CureAlso popular is The Cure. And it seems The Cure is worse than The Disease. The less said about this whining make-up wearing heroin junkie, the better. He originally began smearing lipstick about his face to cover up his facial herpes. Soon his dozens of fans started to emulate their talentless idol, smearing lipstick on and getting venerial diseases.

Goth Today

Goth KidGoth hasn’t changed much since the beginning. Thirty years later, its adherents are just as depressing, just as hateful and nearly as outcast. To become a goth is to guarantee a ticket to Hell, sped along quite rapidly by their unemployability and suicidal tendencies. You’ll know a goth when you see one, black clothes, black makeup, dark demeanor, and soulless eyes. They tend to gather in flocks, but by taking a good run at them with a stick, they can be made to scatter. Even an employment form or religious tract can make them flee in horror.

My Child Is a Goth, What Can I Do?

Goth GirlThrow away their makeup, burn their closet full of black clothes, fishnet and lace. Search their possessions for drug paraphernalia — it’s there. Throw away their cigarettes (including those revolting clove cigarettes from Indonesia). Snap those depressing CDs in half and get them to a local church group. Trash those Satanic black candles and incense, used to call Beelzebub from his flaming pit. Get rid of everything that will remind your child of his or her gothic descent.

And this is important: plan on having another child as soon as possible. Your goth kid is probably lost forever. Reflect on where you went wrong and correct those mistakes with your next bundle of joy. There is a division from joy in every goth kid. Goth is a mental disorder. Goth is emo. Don’t let it happen to you.

— Psycheout


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  2. Grish Says:

    On reading your blog I have a few points i’d like to make with regards to the bias in your writing.

    First of all, I myself am a “goth”, a Christian goth (this means I’m not some drug addicted satanist who wants to burn all things holy). I probably attend church more often than most people my age, even if this is very occasionally, which makes me wonder exactly where these assumptions of satanism actually come from.

    As well as this saying that “Goths are more dangerous to children than pedophiles” is so very far fetched. I have a younger sister who I absolutely adore and I babysit alot of young children when I’m not in college, so this again makes we wonder exactly where these opinions can be devised from. I’d also like to bring to your attention that in actual fact, most cases of teenage violence and general anti-social behaviour happens within other subcultures than goth and it is generally goths who get targetted in these situations because they’re being different.

    Assuming that the aim of this blog is to promote Christianity and demote “goth” i’d love to know exactly why “Goth is a mental disorder”. I’m not mentally ill, in fact, i’m attending the 3rd best college in this country along with an outstanding amount of other “goths”, see the trend here?

    To summarise my point, I understand that you can’t bear the fact that people who wear black clothes might just be slightly more sophisticated than the average teen, but making up all of this garbage prooves nothing other than the fact that you seem to be somewhat scared of a few teenagers who enjoy being different.

    Honestly, i think it’s time to lighten up. Isn’t it.

  3. Beth Louisa Says:

    That last picture isnt goth. Its Visual Kei and is japanese.

  4. shstrhtr Says:


  5. xcellnt Says:

    Hilarious. I am absolutely support you, “Goth is a mental disorder. Goth is emo. Don’t let it happen to you.” – truth!!!111

  6. Psycheout Says:

    Christian goth, Grish? Isn’t that a bit like Christian Satanist?

    And interesting that you link to a vampyre site. Very Christian, vampires are.

    I will pray for you.

  7. Grish Says:

    no it’s in fact nothing like a Christian Satanist. i myself pray, and i thought i’d add that my drug (music) isn’t any of that satanic growling – theyre love songs.

    oh and about that vampire site – read the damn description. “Gothic industrial culture” not “bible bashing depressed kids on drugs”

    fail -.-

  8. Desolater Says:

    I Agree with Grish all the way. Is it that much of a sin to be different from the regular crowd of mainstream people. The person who obviously posted such a direct blog must be somewhat distressed with his own personal life. I feel that this person may not relise goths are usually smarter than your average teenager.The things which show the most concern and really have nothing to do with the gothic culture are: Rape, child abuse etc. for the sake of what evidence is get the facts straight first.So what if we are intrested in other religous practices is it hard for biblical obsessed christians to believe that people are entitled to believe what they want to.
    Anyway as i said i’m agreeing with grish
    pointless clearing this blog creators clouded head

    [Ed Note: I think the point you seem to have totally missed is that goths seem to think they’re so unique and “different from the regular crowd of mainstream people.” Even you use that self-glorification in your comment. It’s just another clique that happens to glorify Satan and vampirism rather than Jesus Christ. Goths certainly are the ultimate conformists. At least that’s one thing I got from Psycheout’s informative article.]

  9. sideiron Says:

    As a Christian myself I am absolutely ashamed when another so-called Christian decides that it’s time to make a big publicity-seeking sweeping statement. Like an archbishop that recently claimed all condoms sent to Africa had HIV in them. Seriously – why is he an Archbishop?

    Then there’s the TV evangelists, begging for money to make themselves rich. And the cults, don’t forget the cults who consider themselves to be Christian cults.

    How many Christians reading this can think of many, many examples where a Christian stands out and does something embarrassing? How bad do you feel then when atheists or followers of other religions then use that as a brush to tar all Christians with? It’s hard enough in this day and age to defend Christianity as it is, without having to listen to a load of non-believing people use extreme examples to attack the faith.

    Decent Christians aren’t like that.

    Some people calling themselves Goths no doubt do follow Satan. Just like some people calling themselves Elvis fans might do. Or two of the innocent looking workers at your local bank. Does it make all Goths satanists? All Elvis fans satanists? All bank workers satanists?

    I don’t consider it to be a very Christian attitude to condemn a whole group of people just because of some of the views of some of that group.

    And instead of condemning people like Grish, you should be embracing them. Because people like Grish prove that some young people do still want to believe. If someone is struggling with their faith, how much good are you doing for them by condemning them in this way?

    How many people reading this that weren’t sure of their faith have now turned against their faith? Well done, you must be proud.

  10. sideiron Says:

    Sorry – wanted to add my view on the automatic link between drugs and goths.

    It’s like racism, in so many ways. It’s a prejudice. And it’s wrong.

    As far as I can tell Goths are no more likely to take drugs than any other group. In fact I’d say some of the other more “conventionally” dressed groups are the most likely to take drugs. It’s fashionable, isn’t it? Snorting coke, taking “E” – it’s the latest fad. As it’s always been.

  11. Grish Says:

    That “self-glorification” was at least factually based.

    where are the facts in this blog article?

  12. Ben Says:

    I found this blog via myspace (i’m not emo ESP guitars just
    has a myspace page and i frequently visist it).
    I’d like to say if you’re gonna have a rant about Goths do
    it properly. Firstly, Goth culture is very interlinked with
    music yet you don’t have any of the best Goth bands noted.
    Out of early 80’s Goth only The Cure are a really ‘Goth’
    band. Where is Nick Cave or Siouxie and the banshees? (the
    orginal Marilyn Manson style wise). Also you have KISS down
    there as a Goth band. I’m a massive KISS fan and it was
    orignaly Knights in Satans Service not kids (i admire the
    humour) knights give more of a belonging i think. Despite
    the fact they seem very Gothic and that they are devil
    worshipers (the main persona is a demon Gene Simmons) they
    have NO songs relating to the devil or christianity.
    Moving on to music today. You didn’t mention cradle of
    filth (again one of my fave bands :>) which are very anti
    Christian to the point of having a nun masturbating with a
    crucifix and JESUS IS A CUNT on the back of their T-shirts.
    When it comes down to the music though they have some
    really good songs from both a musical and aural point of

    Then there the other pansy side of Goth with bands like
    Evanescence who embrace the Goth culture but cover songs
    from Christian rock bands (see tourniquet if you don’t
    believe me) and they are a Christain rock band in the
    themselves even if they don’t want to be…. there parallel
    H.I.M which as a name (his infernal majesty) which sounds
    very freightening but really also is a Christian band with
    only one song referenceing the devil (sweet 666 if sang
    right sounds like sex because it’s more love than devil

    By this point most of you has lost interest so sorry.
    Anyways onto Gothic film (this is what would make me myself
    percieved as a ‘Goth’ to some people and in no way do i
    endorse anything else related to them. Tim Burton films :>
    although the mainstream films like Edward Scissorhands uses
    the gothic juxtaposition of a alienated dark man thrown
    into surrounding of happy day to day life which he is not
    familar with making it feel scary to him. Alot like some
    teenagers today that call themselves ‘goths’. His ablitity
    to try and fit in with the locals (ie the world around us)
    backfires making him not be able to trust anyone and go
    back to his original state of alone and dark like youths of
    today. (then there emos who just want some attention)

    To sum up this Goth satinism is nothing new just a by
    product of the 80’s alternative. It happend in the 90’s
    with generation X teens and it’s happening again with the
    named goth Emos. I wouldn’t worry about it kids grow out of
    it and i doubt any of them actualy take anything to the
    next level. Although there is the Satan loving Led Zep fans
    now in there 40’s and 50’s listening to Stairway to Heaven
    backwards trying to communicate with the Devil to try and
    keep a bit of there teenhood alive. there just creepy kill
    them all 😛

    BTW HI GRISH!!!! :P:P:P:P

  13. Beth Louisa Says:

    “Psycheout’s informative article”

    How is it informative if its clearly biased and stereotypical?

    GO GRISH *loves*

  14. XeS Says:

    Who wouldnt rebel against “GOD” when most of the press attention lately is aimed at pedophilia within the catholic church.Your impure stained “Black” garments will burn in hell…… next to Hitler.

    Aint nothin but a goth thang ;P

  15. Calientez Says:

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Oh my god! DUDE, Grish just tore you to pieces! I bet you didn’t expect this much of a fight from people with “mental disorders”. Not exactly the best social group to p*ss off mate!

    You’ve got my support Grishwa!

    [Ed Note: Grish did nothing of the sort. It’s amazing how low you set the bar, silly person. Support? It seems a support group is needed for these folks.]

  16. Psycheout Says:

    So far it looks like the goths who have commented have only tried to downplay the Satanism inherent in the sub-culture. I have once again pegged everything, including the Satanism, square on the nose.

    So I missed a few “bands” like the American-Indian inspired Siouxsie and the Banshees and did not write about Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds.

    Just like my other investigative pieces, the critics can only cry, but cannot refute, my well-researched factual articles.

    Keep trying!

  17. Grish Says:

    show some facts, and i MIGHT start to consider your rant truthful.

    as it stands, you’ve heard some rumours (probably spoken by the people who start all the drama about marilyn manson all the time) and instead of finding some hard facts, it’s easier for your mind and your “religion” to accept them.

    besides, i thought God loved us all as we were… and “love thy neighbour as thyself” is a quote from the bible too

    i’m not too sure He’d appreciate discrimination against people wearing make-up and black clothing. especially not from someone who calls themself a Christian…

  18. BK Says:

    I am no feeble Christ not me. He hangs in glib delight upon his cross, above my body. Christ forgive. FORGIVE? I vomit for you Jesu. Shit forgive. Down now from your cross. Down now from your papal heights, from that churlish suicide, petulant child. Down from those pious heights, royal flag bearer, goat, billy. I vomit for you. Forgive? Shit he forgives. He hangs in crucified delight nailed to the extend of his vision, his cross, his manhood, violence, guilt, sin. He would nail my body upon his cross, suicide visionary, death reveller, rake, rapist, lifefucker, Jesu, earthmover, Christus, gravedigger, you dug the pits of Auschwitz, the soil of Treblinka is your guilt, your sin, master, master of gore, enigma. You carry the standard of your oppression. Enola is your gaiety. The bodies of Hiroshima are your delight the nails are your only trinity, hold them in your corpsey gracelessness, the image I have had to suffer. The cross is the virgin body of womenhood that you defile. You nail yourself to your own sin. Lamearse Jesus calls me sister there are no words for my contempt, every woman is a cross in is filthy theology, in his arrogant delight. He turns his back upon me in his fear, he dare not face me. Fearfucker. Share nothing you Christ, sterile, impotent, fucklove prophet of death. You are the ultimate pornography, in your cuntfear, cockfear, manfear, womanfear, unfair, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare.

    [Ed Note: Like Psycheout said, the worst poetry in the world. Ugh. Thanks for sharing, BTK killer.]

  19. Psycheout Says:

    And all were silent. I rest my case.

    Ah, I changed the timezone, so the comments will be out of order. Sorry about that. 😦

  20. X Says:

    Great article psycheout! These pasty-faced queers are definitely a menace to society and need to locked up. God help us all!

  21. Ryle Says:

    Psycheout – I would like to point out that you have yet to even refute anything Grish has stated. You have merely returned to self reaffirmation of your own writings. I still see challenges presented here unanswered, whereas the “goths” in this blog seem to have raised quite a few key points youre intentionally ducking.

    What you are spewing is senseless drivel. Apples and oranges to assign a label of satanism, a religious practice, to goth, which is a style of dress and musical deference.

    It is like saying all Arabs are Islamic. Not all are, perhaps some, perhaps many, but there are quite a few christian, jewish, even buddhist arabs, are there not?

    Do some goths practice Laveyanism or worship satan? Absolutely, so do a lot of the kids that attend ive league colleges and wear letter jackets from various extra curricular activities and sporting ventures.

    To put it blunty, just because a kid wears black and listens to a band you seem to find somehow offensive, does not mean they worship the devil. In fact, they may very well be one of the most devout believers in God and Jesus you have ever met, if you would get over your own judgemental prejudice.

  22. brockbrake Says:

    Holy crap. You are a complete ass hole. I thought religious people were supposed to be open and kind to others. I’m not gothic by any means, but I am also not a religious person. I know alot of people you would call “gothic” and they are some of the nicest people I know. They are no where near pathetic indviduals who are depressed all the time. If anything they are some of the most out going individuals in our society. They tend to think outside the box, which is something you should try. Instead your a sterotyper who has no idea what the hell their talking about.



  23. christine Says:

    During adoloscence, young people assert their independence by rebelling against what their parents represent and the authority of society. Though they may conform in a group, they are still striking out on their own journey, learning who they are and what they’re about. That’s called growing, youth.

    The goth look does tend to put folks off, especially self-proclaimed christians who like people to look a certain way and behave a certain way before gaining acceptance into their clique. It kind of reminds me of the Pharisees. Jesus sought out those who needed him rather than saying offensive things. The folks most offended by the ways of Christ were the Pharisees.

    Maybe if today’s christians were more Christlike, speaking the truth in love, building bridges and chipping away at that log in their own eyes, children who are searching for a place to belong might turn more readily to the church.


    P.S. Grish, what others think about your relationship with God does not matter one iota. God does not look at what man looks at. God looks at the heart. i hope the bigotry of some will in no way impact your relationship! 🙂

  24. christine Says:


    i apologize to you for my response.

    Your blog is for conservatives and i have no right to be here or comment really. What i think of the views you presented also don’t matter one iota and it was a waste of time to reply in such a manner.


    [Ed Note: All are welcome at B4C, Christine, especially those with such a Godly name. So please feel free to say whatever you like.]

  25. laneman Says:

    el Psycheout continues his amusing spoofs, but the level has been elevated to silliness.

    It was a good run, but it’s over, Psycheout

  26. Virgilius Sade Says:

    All this ranting about Goths being Satanist is nothing more than pure, unadulterated b.s. Now, my dear friend, you are siding with a religion that oppresses women worldwide and their rights, tries to “hush-up” the activities of priests (who will, like every other priest, eventually becomes a paedophile), tries to make this so-called “War on Terror/Iraq” situation worse by separating every other religion and race from one another (even if this is not the time for such trifles) and generally shoving their so-called “purity” and beliefs upon other people’s throats and faces. Oh, and let’s not forget the mention of your bloodied history: The Crusades, World Wars I and II and now the things sprouting forth from the events of 9/11. All you are relying on are nothing more than stereotypes.

  27. Bryn Damien Lord Says:

    hello to everyone here. i just seem to think some of you are confused about something since you seem to have gotten bashed over the head with some heavy impliment. for example look at this

    “Satanism, Wicca, Vampirism, rape, child abuse, Hitler, bondage, sick sexual perversions, serial killers, death, drugs, self mutilation and other sick practices to vile to mention”

    the reverent named three religions here all completely diferent in beliefs, wiccan is an earth based religion which insists you care for all liveing things, satanism is actualy another earth based religion that shows predominatly respect to life after death. (plus modern satanism is the creation of christianity when the church spread alot of rumors about paganism which others then began to follow), vampirim is a religion based on a love for life not the sucking of blood from peoples veins you can blame that steriotype on hollywood.
    rape, child abuse, Hitler, serial killers three words are needed here absolute unfounded bull. the rest of this quote is not confined to goths at all but stands for all clicks and societys.

    “To become a goth is to guarantee a ticket to Hell”

    i would not consider myself a goth but i am more predominatly connected to that click then any other, i will not be going to hell because of being so, i will probably be going to hell for showing respect to all religions even those i have hatred of, no doubt people who moan about wiccan and santanism have not ever read a page of wiccan or satanistic lore, they make a great deal more sense then most other religions when it comes to a basis on what to use your beliefs, i only need one point to prove that this blog is based on hearsay and completly unfounded, Beelzebub is spelt Beālzebub and any summoner would never summon Beālzebub its one of the rules the religion is based on to call no deamons above the third circle.

    “They tend to gather in flocks, but by taking a good run at them with a stick, they can be made to scatter. Even an employment form or religious tract can make them flee in horror.”

    if they gather in flocks why do so many people point and stare when goths walk down the street if we wernt in someway different then there would be no need for that, and as for taking a good run at them with a stick i thought that your oh so precious reverent said that goths were the “violent subculture” kinda kicked yourself in your own arse. for any of you who care my mum was a goth and she has worked since she was 14 as a volenteer nurse and a first aider saveing lives for over 30 years i think my mum the “Goth” is doing more of gods work then most other people. as for religious tracts how would you like it if i came up to you and tried to shove my religion down your throught.

    if you want to rant about someone then at least know what you are talking about because otherwise you just sound thick.

    Bryn Lord

  28. Thom Says:

    This article represent a new low in blogging, its masses of incorrect facts and pathetic attempts to sway the reader’s thoughts most likely reflect the moronic tendencies of it’s author.

    The only evidence to support his view the author presents are two quotes, in a section entitled ‘What is goth?’ (Which fails to actually outline anything about goths other than how the author and another website feel about goths).

    Then the author attempts to give us a view of the roots of goth, starting off with possibly one of the wittiest comments I have ever seen he says the goth movement is similar to a bowel movement (do you get it? they both have the word movement in them! I bet he was up all night thinking about that one)

    He then is able to trace goth back to 1976 (failing to mention all the gothic items from before them, for example gothic architecture which is found in most of Europe’s finest churches, cathedrals and most of the Vatican (all these establishments are obviously regularly full of Satanists)

    He then comments on the name ‘Joy Division’, briefly recognising the fact that it is ironic, before abandoning that train of thought when he realises that he may be able to get people to turn more against goths if he likens them to the Nazis.

    Then the author yet again attempts (poorly) to twist facts to his advantage by suggesting that Ian ‘Emo’ Curtis hung himself because he was upset about goths…his failing health and marriage where irrelevant then??

    Next he confuses emos and Goths (before you attempt to discredit a sub culture in future, try looking up the actual term for it’s members) yet again revealing his very limited understanding and brain capacity.

    I could continue, however I feel I have wasted enough time on this section already, and there are other things I wish to say (I first want to congratulate you on comparing ‘The cure’ to ‘The disease’, did you know there’s a band called the disease? No? Me neither, because there isn’t, your attempts at wit and word play are far more depressing than any music could ever be, and you call Goths pathetic. All I can say is don’t quit your day job)

    In ‘Goths Today’ you call Goths hateful, I can see where you come from, after all they made a blog calling how you live your life a mental disorder and a disease and calling for your possessions to be burnt and saying you are a lost cause, your parents should give up on you etc. etc. I agree any group that would do that is definitely evil and satanic. They also condone that most Christian of traditions, chasing children whilst brandishing a stick.

    And at the end of the article comes the fountain of tolerance and an overwhelming love for children, in which the author advises parents to show they are better than their gothic children, take the moral high ground, and burn and vandalise their children’s possessions, and attempt to brain wash him or her. Way to demonstrate how to act in a civilised western society mum and dad!!

    In short, the piece is complete drivel, written by an author who appears to have all the intelligence, knowledge and awareness of a cabbage. I don’t know what the author hoped to achieve as the only people this article would make sense to are those with sanity levels so low they believe they live in a peanut on the moon. And he has the nerve to call gothic musicians talentless hacks.

    The reason Goth culture is so threatening to you is because it is only for those who are intelligent, have an ounce of common sense and can understand irony.
    I would love to tell you how much of a failure this article is, but it looked like you aimed to sound like an ignorant mentally retarded bigot. A+


    P.S. I would like a ‘Ed Note’ on my post, informing me why the editor is so clearly biased toward Psycheout, just look back at what he has said.

    [Ed Note: You seem to have read the whole article. Good job! For your book report, you get a B-.]

  29. Grish Says:

    wow… alot of these comments aren’t even written by goths, yet still think this blog is utter garbage.

    i’m noticing the trend here…

  30. Virgilius Sade Says:

    True, I’m an individual, not a Goth 😛 There’s no such “trend” with us because we are few and far between 🙂

  31. Tsulagi Says:

    Wow. The Goth nun at the top of the post, do you have a larger picture? Or does she have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

  32. Psycheout Says:

    Assuming you are a perverse adult who wants to oogle at naked pictures of this goth strumpet, Liz Vicious, you might want to head that way (warning: nudity and crucifix desecration). You’ve got nothing to lose but your soul.

    Actually use your imagination and just do the search yourself. I don’t want to send them referrals.

    I’d prefer that you consider participating in the discussion threads, however. 2008 is easily the most important election of the 21st century. Lets keep America conservative and free.

  33. Bryn Damien Lord Says:

    one sec you have not answerd any of our questions or argued against any of mine or Thom’s points though you can probably conjure up some overwelimgly dull drivel that would cause me hours senseless laughter at how stupid you are. unless you can come up with some valid points of argument then you may as well start digging because then you can pop into hell and see that it is mostly made up of self ritious fanatics like you.

    Bryn Lord
    p.s dont even bother making the point that my name likens me to demons cos that would be so pathetic.

  34. Virgilius Sade Says:

    You mean, conservative, dull and brainwashed.

  35. Just Regular Sam Says:


    nice to have a giggle in the morning.

    I’m not a goth but a mate told me to check out this blog ’cause its hilarious….AND IT IS!!

    not all goths are satanists. my mum was a goth, now she works in a hospital caring for old people who dont have long left. shes not a christian but she believes theres something out there (which is what i believe too). most of the nurses on that ward are christians. while those nurses do what they have to, help the elderly wash, feed them and help them around and stuff, before they sit n do nothing until called, my mum goes around the ward to the patients one by one in her spare time, brushing their hair, cleaning their nails and generally making them look and feel better, she talks to them a lot and they feel like she cares.
    cant tell shes the non-christian on her ward can you? oh but she used to be a goth so she MUST be a satanist who sacrafices goats!

    and reading this blog, i actually think you’re the new Hitler!! only difference being Hitler was a great leader (dont agree with what he did, but he was a great leader) and you’re just a silly person posting ridiculous blogs that are “factual”. by the way, where did you get these facts from? because, they really arent facts at all!
    lets make up some new facts eh? ok well im a girl and i dont eat as much as i should… of that means EVERY girl in the whole world is anorexic.
    ok and another, my best friend is a boy and im a girl so he must be gay. so EVERY boy with a girl best mate is gay.
    let try again, i like to wear skirts, so i must be a whore so EVERY girl who likes to wear skirts is a whore.

    well that was fun. not at all true though.
    im not anorexic or a whore and my best mate isnt gay.

    you are a christian but you post a big fat rant complaining about a group of people you’ve stereotyped.
    very christian, i thought you guys werent meant to judge people ’cause its gods job to pass judgement.
    o how i wish i die at the same time as you, we’ll get to the gates of heaven, I’ll go through ’cause i’ve led a good life doing good things and more than whats asked of me, whereas you’ll probably be sent to hell ’cause you’re a mean person who posts nasty things like this when you actually know sh*t all!

  36. Moze Says:

    Oh my, this is stuff is hilarious. If you like this blog, check out landoverbaptist church online too.

  37. Dorota Says:

    More and more am I starting to think, this whole thing is a scam…
    Somehow, everything I read, sounds as a joke…

  38. Pastor Joshua Says:

    Greetings in Christ. What a wonderful website. Please allow us to link to you and we would also like to give you an award. It will be placed in our award section and just copy it.


  39. B4C Wins Award « Blogs 4 Conservatives Says:

    […] Pastor Joshua seems to have liked our post on Goths, those self-indulgent crybabies.  I agree wholeheartedly.  It was a good post.  A truthful […]

  40. emily Says:

    I must admit your attempts at enraging the “goth masses” are indeed working well. But for those of us who have brains, we must wonder, what exactly are your motives aside from turning away many potential Christians. Luckily, I have already discovered the love and mercy of God and am not turned away from my faith despite your distorted take on it. I only hope you rethink your methods on bringing people to God. Too many people in this world believe the Christian religion to be judgmental and close-minded. Please, don’t feed into this notion. The Christian religion is kind and accepting, everyone here should know this. Don’t let these immature people distort your image of God.

  41. Psycheout Says:

    Keep reading B4C, Emily. We’ll bring you around. Come for the goth, but stay for the wisdom and truth. You’ll be glad you did.

  42. wordsamanthapress Says:

    Your link to makes me laugh, as the site features a disclaimer describing the site as a work of fiction and satire intended for comedic purposes. So unless this is too a joke, which I honestly cannot tell either way, you’ve made an ass of yourself so to speak.

  43. emily Says:

    I am a true Christian, and I did not come here necessarily for the “goth”. I just want to know why you guys talk so hatefully to these “goths” or even other people. It is not the Christian way to call people hateful names or try to make people look stupid, Jesus would never do that. If you have a different opinion than others and you want to express it thats fine, but there is no reason to treat people like they are bags of dirt. I think that if you are a true Christian, you will try to help the lost, not kick them around and push them away. God loves everyone and is not concerned with material objects such as the color of someones clothing. He is interested in what is in one’s heart, not what is on one’s shirt.

  44. Bryn Damien Lord Says:

    hey psychout i was just wondering if you were ever going to argue against mine and thom’s points, if not is it because you have no answers or because you are just ignoring them.


    p.s Thom says hi

  45. Ginger Says:

    I do not hate people who smile and most certainly don’t cut myself. I don’t think everything dead is pretty, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not frequently accost me with pamphlets and I don’t like being asked to defend my entire existence in 30 seconds or less. I am not goth’er than you in any case. Is any of that really required to be ‘goth’, anyway? I’d like to think not.I’m not looking to make friends with psudo goth middle school kids who only complain about how bad they have it,remember that it’s “Down the road” not “Across the street”. Make it count. ,I choose to give an entire paragraph of what I am not simply because I’ve come across a dissapointing amount of people who seem to think ‘goth’ is an after school activity instead of a life-style . think before you publish garbage like this rant

  46. Zachery Says:

    I think you people have something wrong with you I am A (Goth) and i am an athist but not a satininst you are generalizing thousands of people as being low life animal sacrifical killers. It is manily about the music you do have that right but people called goths like them because they have over come hardships and how they are better for doing so not mantic depressing stuff like you talk about. Yes some may take goth to the extream (mostly adults) in the bondage but to make a stament that a pedophiles are better to be around kids is way extream, and your way of helping you kids would only futher depress them or make them run away.

  47. Jupiter Says:

    Has the Onion staff started working for B4C?

    It’s a shame (and hilarious) that you actually worked hard and believe in this tripe.

  48. Emily Says:

    hehe. this made my night at work a little better. i mean, as a piece of satire, it’s kinda funny. but, the idea that this may be serious (though it sounds about as serious as the Colbert Report) is what is really funny.

    even funnier yet is people getting so upset about it. though, i’m sure if i were a goth and my identity was wrapped around that fact, i might get upset also.

    but why try to defend yourself against someone who won’t even listen? why bang your head against a wall? *sigh* people are weird.

    then again, one must be reminded that most major newspapers are written at an 8th grade level….because that’s the reading level of most American’s….

    it’s like watching Jerry Springer…

  49. Fuck anyone that believes this shit. Says:

    You are a load of bullshit, my friend. Goths are not all, “Nazis, Satanists, Pseudononconformists, Wiccans, Cultists, Vampirists”, or anything else. Goths are part of a worldwide movement through culture, art, an music. You say the figure, “Goth” is a ticket to hell. You, I believe, are the one with the biggest ticket to hell for prejudicial theorism, along with any other stereotypical prick that actually believes this shit.

  50. anna Says:

    oh my god!!! you are sooo stupid! thinking that goths cry and pray for satan!!! they just dress in black! thats all! i dont se you talking abou girlys with those sluty mini skirts and slut atitude! duh!

  51. Chem Says:

    I personally believe that your bias view of the subculture is absolutely ridiculous. If your beliefs mislead you into blindness about what people carry in their hearts, I say you may keep your beliefs. I’m not a goth, I’m a well rounded individual who enjoys the world of macabre. It’s not satanic, it’s reliving the era of true romance, The Victorian era. I hope your God opens your eyes to truth, and guides you from judgment.

  52. Laurel Says:

    Leave him alone, guys. You wouldn’t make fun of a disabled kid if you saw one, would you? So don’t pick on Psychout. He’ll pay for his ignorant, hipporcritical, un-Christian attempts at indoctrination, and that’ll be the end.

  53. Deanne Says:

    Here is an article from the Times written April 17, 2007.

    The Future’s Gothic
    Is your child withdrawn? Looking pale? Overdoing the mascara? Dressed all in black and sporting knee-high platform boots?

    Time to celebrate!

    Goths are likely to grow up to be doctors, lawyers or architects, a study by Sussex University says.

    They are refined and sensitive, keen on poetry and books, not big on drugs or anti-social behavior. They are also likely to carry on being Goths into their adult life.

    They have an ability to express their feelings and are believers in romance rather than one-night stands, it says. In fact, the only things dark about them are their clothing and their sarcastic sense of humor. –end-

    My name is Deanne I go to college and I’m Goth. I am graduating at the end of this semester with and A.S. in Communications, and at the end of next year I will be graduating with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media, with minors in English, Theatre, Audio Production, and Video Production. Oh, and did I mentions that I was raised Christian. I say all that because I want you guys to know that just because someone is Goth doesn’t mean they want to kill themselves, or anyone else for that matter. Goths usually are not drug addicts, just like most Preps or Needs don’t usually do drugs, but yes some do, just like in every other genre and subculture, including Christians.

    I just wanted you all to know that I have met more people who are hypocritical, self-righteous, racist, sexist, and bigots who are Christian than who are Goth. That has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up in the church so I saw people in their real lives, not just who they are at church. I have found that Goths are more excepting of others, even people from other genres and subcultures, then any other group I have met.

    In response to throwing away their makeup and breaking their CDs, and burning their clothes, yeah go ahead and do that if you want your children to hate you and reject God. I can think of nothing else that would anger me more then if my parents did that to me. Did anyone ever try just getting to know their kids? I don’t care what you say as parents, you don’t know everything about your kids. Being Goth is usually just their way to express themselves. Try encouraging them for once. Let them get the kind of clothes they want while guiding them to the unrevealing clothing. There is a lot of Goth clothing that is very sophisticated and business like. Don’t control them, help them, be their friends.

    Reading this article made me sick. That anyone could be this hypocritical and ignorant. If you want to write an article about Goths maybe you should know something about them instead of using ‘hear say’ and inaccurate information. Everything I read hear made me think of these quotes:

    A.E. HOUSEMAN: Three minutes thought would suffice to find this out; but thought is irksome and three minutes is a long time.

    ALBERT EINSTEIN: Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

    DANIEL J BOORSTIN: The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance — it is the illusion of knowledge.

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1).

  54. zacheryplum Says:

    ohk all you Christians need to get over the whole goth thing
    im a goth metal head, i believe in god and follow him, i DO NOT follow Satan, i am against churches they are money making scheme
    the scroll found in jesus tomb says so
    and if “Goth’s” are going to hell, then im sure that priest’s will be because in my book listening to so called “evil” music isnt nearly as bad as priest’s raping and molesting young children for their own pleaser 🙂
    ok no matter what your view on goth is, its mostly wrong
    yes some of us do write poetry(no pathetic, whats pathetic is Christian mother fuckers who can handle people following anything else but their views and some of us worship Satan, but just because one doz this sort of thing, DOS NOT MEAN WE ALL DO
    and you say the music we listen to is depressing
    but frankly im not depressed, and if i didn’t have my music i would most likely kill myself
    ohk parents, if your child/children are/is a goth/metal head/punk be proud of them, because by taking away the things they love they will be miserable , and your children don’t have to have the same views as you
    yes some of them will outgrow it, but some wont
    do what makes them happy
    and don’t live your life by the bible, its not real, yes some may be, but we are idiots to think that it has stayed the same for all those years

    and all you church going types who think im some little fuck head who dos not know what the hell im talking about can go fuck your selfs because you all need a big lessen in what is healthy for you kids
    and what they should do
    and if they want to listen/do something, they are gonna find a way to do it, so just let them do it under your supervision
    i really couldn’t care less if you disagree with me because i know im right and if you want to be a bunch of stereotypical assholes with fucked up kids who will probably end up killing them selfs because your forcing them to do something they don’t want to do, then be my guest.

  55. A goth Says:

    Hey psycheout,
    i’m a goth, and i am not obsessed with any of the stupid things you said at the beginning. its one thing to generalize certain people that wear the same thing and listen to the same music, but its another thing to tell lies about a style that is only inspired by music, and this music, rather than inspiring sucidal thoughts, makes us feel confident and alive, and thats why we like it so much.

    Now shut up and think twice the next time you are about to hallucinate about your mighty god brigning us, goths, all to hell!

  56. Psycheout Says:

    but frankly im not depressed, and if i didn’t have my music i would most likely kill myself

    You seem to be contradicting yourself, you poor lost lamb. Or should I say plumb? I’m not hip to the current mod terms used by modern goth sinners such as yourself.

    Instead of picking up the latest copy of Facial Piercing Monthly, you should consider picking up a dictionary because your spelling is atrocious.

    And don’t wallow in self-deprecating pathetic self-indulgent self pity. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and become a productive member of society rather than a foul mouthed depressing drain.

    Good luck, sugarplum. And thank you for not sharing your poetry with us. For that we are truly blessed.

  57. Psycheout Says:

    Hey, A Goth, instead of living up to the stereotype and whining that you’re just misunderstood, maybe you could elaborate on how you’re a different type of goth. Or whatever.

    Flinging poo at me from your monkey cage without going into specifics is so goth-like it’s not even funny.

    But I guess you can’t help it, it’s who you are.

    Maybe it’s time you went to church instead of hanging out at the graveyard shooting meth and smoking acid.

  58. Georgia Says:

    You may be expressing yourself or ranting or something along those lines but tarring all goths with the same brush is a bit narrow-minded. I understand that a large amount of goths fit this description (it’s a stereotype) but a lot of others don’t. And no, I’m not a goth. I’m not really sure what I am. I listen to Evanescence but I also listen to a lot of other artists such as Dido, Ricky Martin and Kylie Minogue. Secondly, may I point out that not all depressing poetry is bad. However, some poems written about the Bible are absolutely atrocious( have you ever read ‘The Four Horseman’ Revelation 6:1-8) .
    If you want to mock me for my views,go ahead but they need to be heard. And no, I don’t go to Church. But may you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

  59. Satan Handy Says:

    Goth or anything of the like has nothing to do with your so called devil

    There is nothing evil about Goth ,,,,, And KISS dose not stand for Knights in Satan’s service ,,

    Where do you people come up with this SHlT ?

    Here are a few facts ,,,,,,,A witchcraft and Satanism are 2 totally different religions ,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Us Druids and Wiccans do not worship your devil like you claim ,,,,we dont even believe he exist ,,,,

    We dont cast evil spells on people ,,,

    2. There is no such thing as an evil style of music ,,,,I challenge you to show me one place in your Bible that says there is

    You cant

    Let me tell you a little bit about my self

    I am a Druid priest ,,,and a fairly welling known singer Songwriter ( just google my name Satan Handy )

    I have a M.DIV ( Masters of Theology ) So I do know your bible very well ( well enough to know its all bull SHlT )

    Stop spreading lies about things you know nothing about ,,,, and leave us alone

    And before start saying things out Pagans ,Goths ,,,and Heavy Metal musicians Talk to us and get your facts straight or keep your mouth shut

    Here is a Challenge for you

    Why don’t you and I have an open debate on this in a mixed audience with the Media present

    Will you accept my challenge or are you afraid You’ll embarrass your self ?


    Satan Handy


  60. an idiot abroad Says:

    Have you ever regarded as including more videos for your weblog posts to maintain the readers far more entertained? I imply I just study by means of the complete write-up of yours and it was fairly very good but because I am more of a visual learner,I found that to be additional useful. Just my my strategy, Very good luck

  61. ben Says:

    what a fuck twat! for people with ‘mental disorders’, we fight back well enou to tear youto pieces! people who are depressed are called emos… im a goth, and only 14, my perents dont care what i am, cos i dont do drugs. smoke or shoplift like chavs… many goths are just like normal people in the respect of the way they treat people. and as for them not being employed, a frind of mine runns a masive buisness , better then most people who work in mcdonalds
    im proud to be different!GO GRISH!

  62. Kelsey Leah Says:

    Hello, I would like to point out a few things.

    First of all, that was one of the most pointless things I’ve ever read. Wearing black does not signify Satanism.. if one wants to wear black, they have every right to do so.

    Second of all, pushing conversion toward someone will not affect them, everyone has their own mindset.. especially those who tend to rebel. And this is WHY they rebel, you and many parents with your mindset believe that your children MUST be brainwashed from an early age. Be a little more open-minded, every teen goes through a phase.

    Third, Wicca is a totally different matter. ‘Goth’ kids or anything of the sort should not be associated with any type of Paganism as a stereotype. There are corrupt points in every religion, as many aspects of Paganism are typically thought of as dark and evil, and associated with the rituals of Satanists. Again, completely different subjects.

    Fourth, heavy metal music is a genre of music. And Kiss? Satanic? Please.

    Please take the time to realize that your children and the followers of the Christian denominations do not have to believe those things. Wearing black is not harmful to anyone. If you are concerned with your child being involved in self-mutilation or anything of the sort, PLEASE contact a health institute and have them safely committed. However, taking and damaging their belongings will be of no help, they will only rebel stronger, possibly leading to violence and drug-abuse.

    Spend a day in the shoes of a Wiccan if you must, but please do not associate us with Satanists. We are not dark and evil, we are very open-minded and do not take part in rituals that would potentially harm another being, it is not within our ways. As a parent, you should stress the idea that you would accept who your child is, no matter their appearances and beliefs. Otherwise, resentment is in your future.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this rather extensive post.. good day to you, and blessed be.

    )O( -Kelsey Leah.

  63. Gene Says:

    Obviously this site is intended as a joke, but even so I will share my viewpoint, and I have no problem with anyone who wants to debate the issue. Goth actually IS unique because mainstream society often fears the very things we find interesting and beautiful, such as old houses, cemeteries and castles. Ah but don’t despair the cemeteries because your own relatives and you will be residents one day so keep that in mind when you start bellyaching about how morbid it is. I’m a history lover and I like old architecture, so I love cemeteries. I also love roaming old empty houses.

    As for music, many of us who arent living 30 years ago like such bands as Nightwish, who are anything but depressing. As for evil, please prove to me that Goths are violent and are at war with anyone. We live and let live, respecting others, and the trouble makers don’t have much for company except themselves.

    As for immature, sure we are a bit immature. It’s the truly mature people of this world that have the wars and misery going. There is no Goth War going. We would rather hang out at clubs and dance.

    As for evil, there are Christian Goths and they are not at all hard to find.

    Goth is clothing and a bit of face paint. To condemn it and take it so seriously you begin to judge others is absurd.

    If you think calling yourself a Goth is some guaranteed ticket to hell, be a false Christian, because judgemental, condemning, evil minded false Christians are more offensive and disgusting than a colony of cockroaches. I know because of the false Christian lyars and fakes I’ve dealt with. I can dress in Goth clothing, be Goth to the bone and read the bible and study God with the best of them.

    With regard to rebellion, you bet. Anyone who considers themselves a Christian or a decent person had better be in rebellion against society or they are fooling themselves. Do you like porn, drugs, violence, perverse sexuality? Then you are mainstream. Do you object to those evils and their results? Then you are a rebel. You damn well better be rebelling against society or you are in bad shape. Society is filled with evil.

    As for shocking, oh gee, wearing black and makeup is shocking. It’s clothes and paint, get over it! Fat people with big bellies who eat too much and watch too much TV are disgusting and shocking to ME. They need a life!

    I find alot of people smile at me for having the guts to be myself when the mainstream conformists of society have a problem with my black button pants, top hat and choker. Oh well. I’m me for me, tough luck!!

    I could say more, but this will do for now. :):):) I’m neither depressed nor angry, I’m actually pretty witty and fun to be around and so are the Goths I hang with.

  64. The Rock Says:

    I like how the link for is used. That site uses horribly inaccurate hermeneutical practices. This includes inaccurate cross-references and incorrect translations. I read their article on retards being spawn of the devil. Obviously, they haven’t read their Bible as much as they’d like to think.

  65. VelociraptorSocks Says:

    Niggas be trollin’. This comment section is delicious.

  66. d Says:

    U realize the lead singer for kiss is conservative right?

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