Chuck Norris Chooses Huckabee


Chuck NorrisAfter long and agonizing consideration, Chuck Norris has made his decision. And when Norris speaks, people listen.

Like most of you, over the summer and into the fall, I’ve been watching, listening, studying and praying about who could lead this country as our next president.

I won’t leave you in suspense. Though Giuliani might be savvy enough to lead people, Fred Thompson wise enough to wade through the tides of politics, McCain tough enough to fight terrorism and Romney business-minded enough to grow our economy, I believe the only one who has all of the characteristics to lead America forward into the future is ex-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Chuck Norris goes into detail about the reasons that he has made this huge endorsement for Huckabee. Maybe it’s time to take a second look at the former Governor. Norris doesn’t take decisions lightly. This is not an endorsement from B4C, but Norris does make a pretty compelling argument, as always.

— Psycheout


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9 Responses to “Chuck Norris Chooses Huckabee”

  1. BJ Tabor Says:

    Well if Chuck says it it, you’ve got to listen.

    BTW Nice new blog.

  2. Kyle Rayner Says:

    Is Chuck Norris some kind of authoritative figure? I thought the only thing he was really good at was getting kicked in the face by Bruce Lee. Ah, those were the days.

  3. Psycheout Says:

    Thank you BJ, and welcome.

    Kyle, I saw that movie. The only thing I really remember about it was back hair. Ha ha ha. But it was a fixed fight, you know.

  4. Kyle Rayner Says:

    Well, of course it was fixed. Although I would still bet on good old Bruce. And I seem to remember Bruce Lee instructed Chuck Norris for a while. Anyway, if you can get Lee to vouch for the man you got my vote. 🙂

  5. Roy Ubu Says:

    Chuck Norris found a way to get his name in the news! Why can’t he just drive drunk or shoot a woman like any other Hollywood nobody?

  6. Sisyphus Says:

    Vote Brownback, Chuck! The write-in campaign is God’s way of saving America!

  7. Bob Says:

    Or is it the way to destroy it?

  8. Huckabee: Looking Out for All Americans « Blogs 4 Brownback Says:

    […] a former Baptist preacher.  A true Christian leader.  Heck, even “roundhouse kick” Chuck Norris endorsed him.  And Huck’s just full of good ideas for America.  Like this one: Mike Huckabee once […]

  9. paul Says:

    Just like Chuck to pick a loser. A continuation of his career of choosing crappy movies and tv shows to be in.

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